Want/Sale List

Want List

I am most interested in purchasing the following T209-2 player cards and will pay above price guide rates.

    • Armstrong (Wilson)
    • Cowells (Wilson)
    • Hartley (Anderson
    • Hyames (Wilmington)
    • Irving (Goldsboro)
    • Mundell (Raleigh)
    • Reeves (Rocky Mount)
    • Sherrill (Raleigh)
    • Steinbach (Goldsboro)
    • Wright (Raleigh)

In addition to the want list, I am also interested in acquiring T209 player ephemera including advertising for, or letterhead from Contentnea Cigarettes; player postcards; player photos; ticket stubs from games played (1908-1910) in the Carolina Association, Eastern Carolina League, and Virginia Association); season schedules for these leagues; letters from players/teams, etc.

Sale List

At present I have no cards for sale, but check back from time to time to see what is available.

One thought on “Want/Sale List

  1. William Steinbach “William T. Steinbach, was my Great Grandfather. I don’t know what team he played for, but found some great memorabilia that may have been his sons. There is a jersey from the Colonels, and 5 1929 Kashin cards from the Cardinals Team in tact. I think he may have played for the Elmira Colonels because that was the closest team to Albany where he worked for over 30 years as a conductor on the Grand Central Railroad. Maybe, or his son was just into those teams, I don’t know.

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