First Series Chart A

Player / Position
Series One Card Team
Actual Team: 1909 Actual Team: 1910
Armstrong, Charles (of) Wilson Wilson Wilson
Booles, Seabron Jesse “Red” (rhp) Cle. Naps Raleigh Raleigh 16 games /Shreveport (Texas League) 19 games None
Bourquoise (unknown) Rocky Mount unknown unknown
Cowell, John W. (p) Wilson Wilson none
Crockett, Daniel Solomon David (1b) Det. Tigers Goldsboro Goldsboro Goldsboro
Fullenwider, Phifer “Phi” (p) Raleigh Raleigh 18 games/Little Rock (Southern Assoc.) 7 games Columbia (SALLY League)
Gilmore, Hub (c) Winston-Salem Wilson Wilmington
Hoffman, H. H. (of) Raleigh Raleigh Wilmington
Lane, J. J. (p) Wilson Wilson Wilson
Martin, P. L. “Legs” (of) Spartanburg Spartanburg Columbia (SALLY League)
McGeehan, Daniel (of) Cardinals Wilson Wilson Wilson 62 games / Scranton (New York State League) 19 games
Pope, Ashley F. (p) Raleigh Raleigh Jacksonville (SALLY League)
Sisson, Charles (p) Greensboro Greensboro Columbus (SALLY League)
Stubbe, Charles (Steubbe?) (c) Goldsboro Goldsboro none
Walsh, Joseph (c) NY High Greensboro Greensboro 60 games/ Rocky Mount 57 games NY Highlanders (American League)

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