Chart A: Series Two Players and Their Teams

Player Team on T209 Cards Actual Team in 1910
Armstrong, Charles Norfolk Wilson
Beatty Raleigh Did not play
Biel Raleigh Did not play
Bourquin Wilmington Did not play
Cowells (Cowell) Wilson Did not play
Ebinger Wilmington Did not play
Foltz Wilmington Did not play
Hart Raleigh Did not play
Irving Goldsboro Did not play
Kelley Wilmington Did not play
Kelly Goldsboro Raleigh
Lavoia Fayetteville Did not play
Mundell Raleigh Did not play
Peloquin Anderson Did not play
Phealean (Phelan) Rocky Mount Wilson
Phoenix Raleigh Wilson
Prim Raleigh Wilson
Reeves Rocky Mount Did not play
Ridgeway (Ridgway) Greensboro Did not play
Sherrill Raleigh Morristown (TN)
Steinbach Goldsboro Did not play
Stoehr Goldsboro Wilmington
Waters Fayetteville Did not play
Wright Raleigh Did not play

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